Goals for 2011

Pastor's Goals for 2011

Ministerial Staff:
  • To provide training and leadership for ministers and make sure each is operating within the scope of his/her calling.
  • To prepare licensed ministers toward ABC-NJ ordination process.
  • To bring on two students from local seminaries to serve in areas of Youth and Senior Ministries.
Deacon Ministry
  • To provide training for Deacons in areas of spiritual development, ministering to the sick and bereaved, and teacher training for new disciples and bible study
  • To help identify and prepare new Deacons for leadership
  • To lead Deacons in a kononia (fellowship) with ABC-NJ through Annual Convention and Association Meetings
Trustee Ministry
�        To provide and recommend training through ABEC and other ministries in church finance and duties of trustees
�        To provide spiritual direction for trustees through bible studies and workshops
Music Ministry
  • To provide support and development for staff and choir members
  • To consolidate the choirs and strive to bring a high level of excellence to the ministry
  • To use music in spreading the Gospel at special events in the community
Christian Education
  • To provide leadership for the Board of Christian Education and direction for all ministries under CE:
  • Youth Ministry: will be headed by a seminary student to revitalize and reenergize the young people. To provide bi-monthly activities for youth, get youth involved in Sunday school, encourage current youth and recruit additional youth for Chancel and Sunbeam choirs.
  • Sunday School: staff and teachers will receive regular training and meet frequently to review and produce lessons plan. To have at least two active Sunday school classes for kids within the next six months
  • Senior Ministry: A student from the seminary will come to assist this ministry provide care and activities for our seniors. To give seniors an opportunity to use their gifts in a variety of areas including occasional leading and participating in worship.
  • Nursery: This ministry will be revamped to include recruiting and training of staff and providing materials for kids. To have a functional staffed nursery in the next three months.
  • JuniorChurch: This ministry will be headed by a director, who will recruit and train a team to present the Gospel to kids using media and other audio/visual materials and activities. To recruit, train and retain at least eight (8) teachers by the end of the year
Missionary Ministry  
�        To provide training for missionaries to understand the true meaning of a missionary and identify specific mission field to serve
�        To encourage missionaries to attend ABC-USA Annual Mission's Conference
�        This ministry will be very busy this year as needs increase and more people come to us for assistance. They will be encouraged to work with the food pantry that will be open in the near future.
New Disciples
  • To provide classes using the Purpose Driven Model for new disciples in the four areas of fellowship, worship, missions and evangelism. These classes will be led by me, Minister Webb, Minister Johnson and a Deacon. All of whom will be trained to lead the classes. These classes will help develop a person's spiritual gift/s and place them in a ministry within the church for service
Small Groups  
  • To reorganize old and recreate new small groups through the 40 Days of Love to begin in March 2009. To provide ongoing support to small groups after the campaign is over. To have at least 25 active small groups at the end of the year
Phone Tree
  • To set-up Phone Tree communication system that will be used to contact members in an emergency, cancellations, deaths, reminders, meetings, outreach to guests and many other uses