Bible Study March 20, 2019


Wednesday March 20, 2019

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                                         BIBLE STUDY

                                         SESSION EIGHT

                              Death Has Been Defeated

                                          KEY STORY:

                               Jesus is raised from the dead

                                         (MATTHEW 28:2-7)

                                           GOD’S PROMISE:

                     Death has been swallowed up in victory 

                                           (1 CORINTHIANS 15:54)

                                            MY PROMISE:

                      I will entrust my death to the Lord of Life.                  


This week, you and your group will be studying God’s promise in his Word that Jesus has won the ultimate victory over death and the grave. Before your group meeting, read chapter 10 in unshakable Hope: “This Temporary Tomb.” Spend some time using the following personal study to reflect on what you’ve read.

  1. In what ways is the cemetery a place of gain rather than loss?
  2. Why is belief in the resurrection such a critical part of the Christian faith?
  3. How would you describe seeing yourself “as you were meant be”?
  4. How can you “set your eyes” on the hope of this promise?


Now take some time to allow this promise from God to take root in your heart by reflecting on the following passages of Scripture. Begin by preparing your heart in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to remove any fears you may have and give you peace as you study these verses.

  1. Read 1 Corinthians 15:20-23 and 15:50-58. What encouragement do these passages provide about the future? What encouragement do they provide for your present?
  2. Read Luke 23:39-43. What was the unshakable hope for the one thief on the cross?
  3.  Read Matthew 25:31-46. How do these words of Jesus comfort you? What concerns do they raise in you? What does this passage mean for you personally?
  4.  Read 2 Peter 3:9-14. How can you anchor your hope in this passage when the trials of your day seem overwhelming?


  1. Think about an experience you have had with death. Maybe you lost a parent, child, a friend, or a coworker. Describe a few of the thoughts and emotions you experienced. Then write two words: hope and victory. How do you learn in this comparison or contrast?
  2.  Consider what fresh discoveries surfaced from this session’s reading and personal study. Write anything that you would like to share with the group in the space below.
  3. Close by thinking about an action step you could take to increase your awareness of this from God or share it with another person. Write this action below.

                                     VIDEO TEACHING

As you watch the video for session eight, use the following outline to record any additional takeaways from the teaching.

Death is a very real part of life.

Our hope depends entirely on the physical death and physical resurrection of Jesus.

Jesus’ followers believe his resurrection is a preview and promise of their own.

Paradise is the first state of heaven, but not the final version for believers in Christ.

Our Lord is a God of renewal, redemption, regeneration, and resurrection.

                                    GROUP DISCUSSION

Take a few minutes with your group members to discuss what you just watched and explore these concepts in Scripture.

  1. What statement on the video teaching affected you the most? Why?
  2.  What are some ways that people you know have described what happens after death?
  3.  What reassurances does the Bible offer about what happens to followers of Jesus when they die? What hope does this provide to you right now?
  4.  What are some ways to view death and loss through the lens of Christ’s resurrection?
  5.  What is your specific action step to live out this promise of God this week?