Bible Study March 13, 2019

LESSON SEVEN: "Jesus is Praying for You".

Wednesday March 13, 2019

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                            Key Story

           Jesus prays for his disciples in the storm 

                             Matthew 14:22-24

                             GOD’S PROMISE:

Jesus is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.

                             (ROMANS 8:34)

                              MY PROMISE:

I will take heart because Jesus is speaking up for me.

                                   READING ASSIGNMENT

Read chapter 8 in Unshakable Hope: “Christ is Praying for You.” Spend some time using the following personal study to reflect on what you’ve read.

                                  INSIGHTS FROM THE READING

  1. How does it affect your view of God to know that storms come into the lives of even those who are obedient to him?
  2. How would you put the phrase “interceding for us” in your words?
  3. Why do you think some Christians believe they should have a storm-free life?
  4. Why did Jesus” calming of the storm lead the disciples to worship him?

                             INSIGHTS FROM SCRIPTURE  

  1. Read Matthew 14:22-33. What are some different ways that Jesus interceded for the disciples? What are some ways Jesus interceded for the crowds?
  2. Read John 6:16-21. What are some additional ways you see Christ interceding for the disciples in this account?
  3. Read John 17:1-12. List some of the specific requests Jesus made to God on behalf of the disciples. What do you notice about Jesus’ priorities?
  4. Read John 17:13-26. Jesus’ prayer for you relates to your ministry while you are still on this earth. How does his prayer encourage you in your daily trials and struggles?

                    INSIGHTS FROM THE VIDEO

As you watch the video for session seven, use the following outline to record any additional takeaways from the teaching.

The truth of the matter is life just comes with storms.

Jesus experienced the same storm as the disciples.

The reality is that storms come to the


Jesus was praying for the disciples as they weathered the storm.

Jesus met the disciples in the storm—and will do the same for us.

                              GROUP DISCUSSION

Take a few minutes with your group members to discuss what you just watched and explore these concepts in scripture.

  1. What statements in the video teaching affected you the most? Why?
  2. Why do you think Jesus sent the disciples into the storm? How does it help you to know that he experienced the same gale-force winds as they did?
  3. How does this teaching encourage you in the storms you are currently facing?
  4. How have you seen God do the miraculous on the other side of your storms?
  5. What is your specific action to live out this promise of God this week?