Bible Study Lesson Three

Living Generously

Lesson Three: Discussion Questions

Please watch the "Poor" and "Teaching Moment" videos prior to beginning the study 


1. What's the poorest you've ever been? How did it feel in those tough times?

2. What's the difference between telling someone what you can do to help and asking someone what you can do to help?

3. Should giving always be comfortable?


1. In the film we watched, Frank Donovan brought his daughter Megan to a soup kitchen. Their perspective on the people they served changed as they came to know them better. Read Luke 8:42b-46a. How many people had needs in the crowd around Jesus? Why was the one woman healed out of all of them?

2. Did Jesus see the needs of the whole crowd or just one face in the crowd at a time?

3. What does this story teach about God and the needs of others?


1. How does Re contrast a ladle and a spoon?

2. Read John 13:1-17. What did Jesus "know" in verse 3 that prompted His getting up and serving?

3. Whose feet did Jesus wash? Did it seem to matter to Him?

4. What will happen if we "do these things"? 


Read: 2 Corinthians 8:8-9 and Matthew 5:3

1. Does Jesus want us to be poor?

Read: Philippians 2:5-8

2. What did Jesus make Himself?

3. Why did Jesus do it?



When we are willing to humble ourselves and serve - just as Frank bent down to wipe off the man's shoes - we take the next step on our journey of living generously. We remove our own pride from the equation and see with eyes of God.

The overflowing of gospel living is in our service. Just as Christ emptied Himself, we are called to become poor that others may become rich.

The question to ask ourselves this week: where is God saking me to roll up my sleeves and grab a ladle?


Questions to ponder this week as you pray about this lesson.

1. How can you become more poor in spirit and take on the mindset of a servant?

2. If you were to become poor in spirit and began living a generous lifestyle, who would be affected by that decision?

  • My spouse
  • My kids
  • My parents
  • My co-workers
  • My neighbor